About Us

The Product

We created Quibble with the aim of helping customers and patrons be honest with organizations that use our service.

There's so much noise in the modern marketplace. We think customers need a direct and unvarnished channel to tell a business owner "________ is wrong. Fix it."

We also think that customers and patrons take to the airwaves (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to vent their frustrations because it's easy and gets the problem off their mind.

In the end, both the business and the patrons lose. The business loses an opportunity to make their customer experience better, and the customers lose the opportunity to have their world improved.


The business "science" behind Quibble is based on the underlying foundations of Net Promoter Score (NPS) — making the negative neutral or positive and making the neutral positive.

The reality is fairly simple: If someone has a bad or even a mediocre experience, they will not be a promoter. There isn't the classic one-question survey, "Would you recommend this product/service to your family?", but the effect is the same.

For any business, negative or neutral is no good. Businesses must strive towards the most positive customer experience possible.

The good news is a bad or mediocre experience can still turn into a positive one if a business has the opportunity to react swiftly to a problem.

Impact of social media

In an age of social media, a business's failure will be public very quickly. Quibble is an opportunity to accomplish two things:

  1. It lets the customer vent a frustration.
  2. It lets the business know there is a problem.

The customer is less likely to broadcast their unhappiness on Facebook or Twitter, especially if they see the business reacting in real-time.

Social Awkwardness

For most people, the phrase, "I want to speak to a manager" is just too confrontational. These seven words are usually the gateway to getting a problem solved, but many people are uncomfortable being so direct. Quibble removes that awkwardness by providing customers with an outlet they both need and feel comfortable with.

Our Team

Quibble is a project by 7th Compass, Inc a web development company in Gainesville, Florida. We operate our company by seven principles: Honesty, Innovation, Creativity, Learning, Attention, Simplicity, and Integrity. Project team members are: Jeff, Marly, Lucien, and Matt.